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Reading –

Over the past couple of week a lot has happened in the area of reading. We have still been talking a lot about the characters in our stories. Students have identified who the main character is as a person. What their needs and wants are throughout the story, as well as who they are on a personal level. Students have also held many discussions about what it would be like to be put into the shoes of characters. This has allowed them to see the story through a different lens, thus improving a deeper level of comprehension.



Personal essay is the unit we have been working on recently. Although writing essays can be a tall task for a third grade student, they are doing very well. We have written about a number of topics including their feelings and opinions on the best seasons of the year, what it’s like to go to the doctor, and how we should act if we get in a fight with a friend. This unit is very structured as students are taught to use an essay format for each of their writings. The format looks something like this:

Some people think…

I believe…

One reason…(Personal Story)

This experience showed me…

I will always remember…

From now on….

Overall I feel as though students are beginning to get used to using this format. Feel free to check in on students writings by perusing their journals, or going to their Google Docs.


Math –

Students were tested over their knowledge of chapter 1. This chapter focused on understanding how multiplication and division work. Fact fluency was also an emphasis for numbers ranging from 0 to 5. Unit 2 focuses more on larger numbers 6-10. Please continue to work with your child on flash card types of work at home. Please note that their are many free apps out there to load to your mobile devices at home. We use the app Math Drills Lite if you need one to get you started.


Pictures from the Walk-a-thon:

10/7 News

Happy Homecoming!

Here is the latest classroom news:


Reading – This week students began a unit on understanding characters. We read many books and discussed who each character was, what we could infer about their personality, and there actions. Students also continued practicing writing summaries and retelling stories as well. I have finally completed my assessments of each students reading ability. Please continue reading at home at minimum 15-30 minutes a night!


Writing – Students published their first writing of the year this week. After revising and editing their work in Google Docs students were able to print their work. It was great getting to see student work together to improve each others writing. Please feel free at any time to login to your child’s Google Docs in order to see what they have written.


Math – We continue to work on our multiplication fact fluency in class. Students took a quiz over unit 1 on Thursday and did very well. Much of the quiz was over multiplication and division story problems. We will likely test over unit 1 late next week. Please practice facts at home!

News 9/23

Hello all,

It’s been a fantastic first three weeks of school. Kids are coming to school each day eager and ready to learn. I have been very impressed with their ability to understand classroom routines and expectations. We truly have set the foundation for a wonderful year. Here is a summary of what we have been up to lately….

Leona, 7, poses inside a labyrinth installation made up of 250,000 books titled "aMAZEme" at the Royal Festival Hall in central London


Reading – This week students worked through how to handle times when they are confused while reading. We discussed how the following steps can help in those moments:

  • Realize it and stop reading
  • Ask, “What is happening here?”
  • Think about what I know so far
  • Continue reading carefully
  • Pay attention to details

We also talked about times when we get to a tricky word. We said we can …

  • Chunk the word from left to right. Put the parts together.
  • Read the whole sentence. Think about what makes sense.
  • Try short and long vowel sounds. One way often works.
  • Try it again using different sounds or chunks. Be flexible.
  • Ask someone how to say the word.

    I NEVER mumble the word or pretend I know it!

I have also begun reading assessments with students. I hope to finish with every student by the end of next week.


Writing – In writing we have learned how to come up with good writing ideas. Students have brainstormed stories from their own lives as possible ideas for writing. We have written about special people and places. We have also gone on discover walks to see if we find an object that sparks a memory, thus providing a good writing idea. Students have written many rough drafts on these ideas. This week students chose their favorite and began the revision and editing portion of the drafting process. I hope to have student writing fully published by the end of next week.



Math – Multiplication and division have dominated our time during math. Students are learning to skip count by using songs and movement. These skip counting songs help the students both recognize how multiplication works, and also provides them with a strategy to getting answers. Students have also been using the Ipad app “Math Drills Lite’ to help them with their fact fluency. If you have an ios device at home have your child practice on this app at home as well!


Have a great weekend!

News for the Week 9/9

Hello everyone! Happy foggy Friday. Here is what we have been working on this week:


Reading- This week students discussed times when reading was both good an bad for them. We talked about how to select a “just right” book, as well as what a good book conversation looked like. Students have selected a book from my classroom library to read during quiet reading time. I hope to begin conferencing with students on their reading next week. Don’t forget, Tuesday is library day!


Writing- We began a unit on personal narratives this week. Students were introduced as to what a personal narrative is, and why we write them. The goal of the unit is to get kid to generate their own ideas for writing. We have found that students love telling stories about their own lives, so why no tap into that? It was very cool getting to see all of the wonderful decorations on student journals. If your child hasn’t decorated their journal they are welcome to bring it home to work on it at any time.


Math- Students were introduced to multiplication this week. We are learning to skip count by numbers including 1-10 in class. Skip counting, and the songs that go with skip counting, will help your son or daughter begin to understand how multiplication works. Once they feel comfortable skip counting the repetition on multiplication facts becomes much easier. Please work with your child at home in practicing skip counting. So far they should know 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10.


First Day Pictures

What an awesome day! Here are a few pictures to share of day one!