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Hello, all! Below is a list of learning targets for the last couple weeks. Learning targets are simply targets for each lesson that are given to the students as a way of making them aware of the goal of each lesson.


I can draw arrays to show a multiplication equation.

I can apply the commutative property as a strategy to multiply.

I can apply the commutative property as a strategy to multiply.

I can solve division word problems in which the number of groups is unknown.

I can I can use equal shares drawings to help me understand division.

I can make sense of multiplication and division problems that involve 2’s.


I can generate writing ideas by looking for objects within the room that spark a memory.

I can generate a specific writing “seed” idea.

I can be creative while writing.

I can create a clear sequence of events within my seed idea.

I can include thoughts and feelings within my writing to help engage my audience.

I can create a strong lead for my story that I might engage my audience.


I can have meaningful conversations with my partner about what I am reading.

I can stop and think about what I am reading to help me remember the story.

I can use punctuation to help read with expression.

I can use strategies to clear up confusion when meaning breaks down.

I can attack tricky words within my reading.

I can imagine the scenes in my story to help me remember what I read.


Note these are just a few that we have touched on recently. If there are any targets that seem confusing please have a conversation with your child about it. This is a great way to see if they have really learned the targets. 




Week 1

Hello, all!

Hard to believe the first week has come to a close already. It has been awesome getting to know all of your sons and daughters. I am super excited to continue the year with such a great group of students. It should be fun! Below you will find some information regarding our week broken down by content area. Please take time to read it over and email me if you have any questions!

Reading – This week we talked about our reading lives. We discussed why reading is something we either love or have struggled with in the past. We also talked about the importance of choosing a just right book for reading time. Next week I will begin assessing students reading ability in order to be able to place them in reading groups. We are hoping to get reading groups started within a couple weeks.

Writing- Students were given a writing journal this week and asked to decorate it to represent who they are. We will be writing a lot of stories about our lives this year. The first unit started this week covers personal narratives. We are beginning by identifying ways students can generate their own writing ideas. Students are welcome to bring their journals home and write at any time. Please make sure the journals come back to school every night.

Math- Our first unit of study is over multiplication. This week students began skip counting. Skip counting helps students understand that multiplication is simply a faster way of adding. If students master skip counting 0-10 they are able to use their fingers to help find answers. We will be practicing skip counting movements and songs in class daily. Encourage your child to practice these at home as well.

Don’t forget…Hudsonville Eagle Football plays at home tonight vs Holt at 7pm!!! I’d love to see you all there! Go Eagles!


Pictures From the Morning

Hello, everyone!

It has been a great day so far! It is taking some time to get used to the new building and routines, but we are officially off to a great start. Thanks for all of you hard work getting students to school on time ready to go. Below are some pictures of students working on “My Heart Map.” This is an activity we do in order to get to know one another.

Have a great day!

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