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News and Notes

Reading- Over the past week we have been reading research online. Students have selected two animals and are taking notes from websites on different information regarding their animals. After completing a packet of questions on both animals students are taking their notes and putting it into a keynote presentation. Following the creation of their keynote students will write a research report animal on their animals.

Writing- As mentioned we are working on writing research reports on the animals students have selected. Within their writing students will compare and contrast the two animals as well as talk about which animal they would like to be for a day. As the year continues we will continue to research more topics including those within science and social studies.

Math- Students have been working through a geometry unit since before spring break. Students have learned about 2D shapes, characteristics of shapes, area, perimeter, and story problems related to all of these concepts. We will likely quiz over the geometry unit toward the middle of next week.

M-Step Testing

*****Please make sure your child is in school on the following dates:

April 26, May 3, and May 5

Spring Break Pictures from students (Send more in if you have them!)

News and Notes

First and foremost a very big thank you goes out to everyone for the wonderful conference week. As always it is great getting a chance to share out all of the fantastic things your children are doing in class. As the year goes on please know that we can always set up a time to meet if you have any additional questions that come up.

Coin War


As mentioned in many of the notes that have come home, we are doing a coin war here at school. All of the money collected will be going to World Relief in order to purchase school supplies for those in need. Students are also collecting money in order that one of two folks (Ms. Doni or Mr. Matt) will receive a pie in the face for their team🙂 Any monetary donation is greatly appreciated!

Next Saturday


Hudsonville Eagle 5K @ 9am

The run will be held Saturday, March 26, 2016 and will take place at the Hudsonville High School. So set your goal, walk or run, and join hundreds of us in this great community fitness challenge to live a healthier life style!

Alward Carnivalcarnival

Alward Elementary Spring Carnival Saturday, March 26th 11:00am – 2:00pm



 Time to get this on your radar for this school year.  We ask, if at all possible, that you try to avoid scheduling appointments or having your student gone on these dates.  It is hard to find a time to schedule the make-up testing that has to been done.  So as of right now I will be listing the dates that the testing will take place for 3rd-5th grades, however, not the specific times as these may be adjusted some.  So here you go…

***3rd Grade Testing Dates:  APRIL 26-29 and MAY 3



2/5/16 News

donald ski


Reminder! No school Monday or Tuesday of next week! This is mid-winter break weekend. Hopefully everyone is able to enjoy some extra time as a family this weekend. If you are doing something cool and your son/daughter would like to send me a picture I’d love to share it out with the class next week. My email address is I look forward to seeing some cool pictures!

Jake and Lily

Reading – This week students continued reading books from a series. Many of the students have been able to complete two books and turn in a book report paper to show comprehension. We also finished a book in class that I read aloud to the kids titled Jake and Lily. Over the weekend see if your child was able to comprehend this story. Ask them about the characters, the settings, the problems in the story, their favorite part, and even a summary. Many of the students have already taken Scholastic Reading Counts quizzes on the book.  We have also continued to read and answer questions regarding the book The Lemonade War. Hopefully you have all been able to participate in the One School One Book Program. Students have really seemed excited to talk about the book each day they come to school. If you are behind this long weekend might provide a time to catch up. Happy reading!



Writing – This week students worked on typing their realistic fiction pieces. Students were also paired up to cooperatively edit and revise their work. We have included lots of dialogue and adjectives into each writing hoping to raise the quality of our work. I am really looking to printing student work next week and sending them home. I think you are going to love what they have written. I have seen a ton of improvement in student writing since the beginning of the year.


Math – We have spent a lot of time learning about telling time this week. Students have begun to understand how to calculate elapsed time. We started by learning how time passes in hours, and now have moved on to minutes. Please take time to practice at home as well. Our next unit will cover fractions. We have spent about 5-10 minutes a day working on understanding basic fraction concepts in order to help get the next unit started on the right foot. Please be sure to continue practicing multiplication facts at home. As we begin to learn other math concepts it will be important to retain what we have already learned in multiplication.

1/22/16 News

A Few Upcoming Events:

Alward Family Math NightTuesday, January 26 from 6:30- 7:30.
Please join us for a fun-filled night of playing new math games!  You will learn many simple games that you can play at home with your children.  Also, an introduction of One School, One Book by Mrs. Moore!
Don’t miss out on this fun learning opportunity!

Alward Book Swap
Drop off times will be Monday and Tuesday, from 9-11 (outside the library).
The book swap time for our class will be 1:45 – 2:00 on Wednesday on next week.
Alward One School, One Book
January 27- February 18
Students will receive books on the 27th
Classroom Valentine’s Party
February 12  2:35-3:30
Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.05.33 AM.png
What’s Happening in Class?
Reading – This week in reading we began a unit on book series. Each student selected a series in which they will be responsible for reading two books. After finishing their book students have been asked to complete a comprehension worksheet. We will be having discussions comparing and contrasting the stories that they read. I am hopeful that this unit will encourage students to find a book series they enjoy, and will also help them continue to finish books in class. Please keep reading at home. January through March is a time in which we can all make great gains in our reading ability!
Writing – Over the last two weeks we have worked very hard on including adjectives to our writing. Students have identified nouns in their writing and then made adjective additions to each if possible. This week we began working on a piece that will become our published writing for January. Students are combining the genres of realistic fiction and personal narratives to create a story of their own. We continue to work hard on adding dialogue to our writing as well. My goal is to get students to incorporate it dialogue into our published piece.
Math – Students just finished a short unit on graphing. Next week we will begin working on telling time. The most difficult portion of the unit is learning elapsed time. If you get a chance at home over the weekend have your child show you what they know about telling time using an analog clock. They will need to learn to tell time to the nearest minute. Any practice you can do with them would be greatly appreciated!

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break. It was great having a couple of weeks off to enjoy friends and family. With the new year comes a fresh start in our class. We have lots to learn over the next few months before spring break. This week has been a great start!


Colors of Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Research

Reading – This week students began researching information on the city of Grand Rapids. Students have been encouraged to begin reading non-fiction text in class recently. Using the internet as a research tool allows students to read non-fiction information, and shows them the how reading is something we can enjoy not just in a book. Students are beginning to take their information and put it into a Keynote presentation. In order to do this students must research, note take, summarize, and eventually present out the information learned. While at home take a moment to have your child show you how they are researching in class. They really seem to enjoy it.

Writing – This week we spent a lot of time talking about how to use dialogue correctly in writing. We talked about the mechanics of dialogue, and were able to practice together as a class. Students were also able to see how dialogue makes  writing come to life creating a movie in the mind of the audience/readers. Through January we will continue to raise the quality of our writing by introducing new writing concepts weekly. At the end of the month the goal is to have a published piece of writing that looks drastically different than something you may have seen at the beginning of the year!


Math – Students were quizzed over their knowledge of measurement this week. We spent a lot of time talking about liquid measurement in particular. Our attention next week will focus on understanding graphs an their purpose.


Graham Cracker Houses

Thanks to everyone who made this event a hit! The kids had such a good time and did a great job creating.

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12/4/15 News

Hello everyone! Hard to believe it’s December already. Lots happening here at Alward School. Here are some upcoming important dates:


Tuesday, December 8: Alward Christmas Program at Fellowship Reformed Church


Thursday, December 17: Graham Cracker House Party! Please send in a sturdy piece of cardboard at least 12×14 inches any time between now and then. If you have not volunteered to send something in or to help out on that day please feel free to do so!

Friday, December 18: Christmas Party. Thanks to the mom’s putting this together! Please remember to send in a gift with your child for the gift exchange. Boys buy for boys buy for boys and girls for girls. Gifts should cost between $4 and $5. If you are unable to afford a gift please let me know and I will make sure your child has one.

What’s Happening In Our Room?

Reading- We have had a number of lessons on non-fiction reading. Students have been reading non-fiction websites, Time for Kids magazines, and have listened to me read non-fiction aloud in the classroom as well. If you feel your child has an interest in reading non-fiction during their reading time at home please encourage them to read as much as possible. I have found that some students really enjoy reading informational text and it can help them find a passion for reading.


Writing- This week we began talking about the difference between quality writing vs quantity writing. We discussed how raising the quality of our writing helps keep the reader engaged. Students were also introduced to realistic fiction writing. Next week students will begin drafting some realistic fiction stories of their own.


Math- We recently began a unit on measurement. At the beginning of the unit it asks students to measure using 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4. We spent a lot of time learning what a fraction was and its importance in measurement. If you have a ruler or a measuring tape at home please have your child begin measuring things periodically. The extra practice will help make the unit real world for them.




News 11/13/15


Reading – This week students began using the Thinkmarks I discussed with you at conferences. Students were able to identify and talk about areas within their books that were their favorite parts, parts they wonder about, parts they had a great visualization for, and a funny part of the story. Creating discussions about books is a great way to bring reading to life and more enjoyable for students. Please make sure your son or daughter is reading to you aloud at home daily, and having discussions much like we do with Thinkmarks.

Writing – We started a new writing unit this week on informational writing. Students brainstormed topics they could “teach others about” as an idea for their informational writing. After selecting a topic students put together a table of contents for their writing as well as a list of vocabulary words. We talked in detail about the importance of a good introduction paragraph and students were able to write their own introduction. Students were also able to write three body paragraphs as well. We are almost ready to begin talking about conclusion paragraphs and will likely do so early next week.


Math – Toward the end of the week we began reviewing unit two in order to prepare for our test. Today we tested over unit two and I feel great about what I have seen thus far. Please continue to work on multiplication and division at home!

Fall Party Pictures


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