Crazy Fun Week!

Here are a few pictures from our third grade Caine’s Arcade Event!


Here are a couple pictures from the Field Trip this week…


2/24 News

A few pictures from our celebration today!!! I think Lucy liked it more than the kids did!


This week in class:

Reading – As a wrap up to black history month I took the time to read a number of biographies on important african american people from our nations history. Students learned the difference between what a biography and autobiography are. When we head to library next week I will identify the biography section for the kids and encourage them to check one out to read at home.

Writing – As mentioned in today’s email students have been working hard to complete an “on demand” writing. After two units on narrative writing students were asked to write on a topic of their choice. Students were asked to write using adjectives, dialogue, and 5 senses words. Their writings will be graded for grammar, mechanics, spelling, and planning. I haven’t graded the writings yet, but from what I have seen students did a great job!

Math – At the beginning of the week students took a test over the measurement unit. We then turned our attention to a unit in fractions. This week students learned of unit fractions, and how to compare fractions. Students learned to draw fraction bars, fraction number lines, and even made fraction strips. We will continue this unit next week.

2/3/17 News


Reading – This week students continued meeting with their reading groups. Many of the students have wrapped up their readings of book series. Recently emphasis in class and in reading groups on has been on vocabulary usage. The group I am working with has been exploring homophones such as then/than, their, they’re, there, and except/accept. For students to understand the meanings of these words they must have many experiences with their use. If you notice your child struggling with homophone usage in their reading or writings please take then time to correct them.


Writing – Students are typing the second draft of their realistic fiction writing. Each day we are spending about 15-20 minutes taking a closer look at the students work. Student work is posted on the board and we collectively work to help revise and edit the work together. Students are then working together to peer edit each other’s writings. Dialogue has been a big part of student writing lately. The punctuation and formatting of dialogue can be difficult for third graders to understand. I have been impressed with the effort of all of the students when attempting to use dialogue in their writing.


Math – We are closing in on the end of unit three. After spending many days on telling time, specifically elapsed time, we have now turned our attention to graphing. Students have learned how to use bar graphs, both horizontal and vertical, pictographs, and tables. Included in the graphing unit are word problems involving addition and subtraction of larger numbers. We will begin reviewing for unit three test next week. We will likely test by Friday.


Valentine’s Party – Our party will be held on February 14 at 2:05. Thanks to those parents who volunteered to help out. Next week I will be asking students to bring in a shoe box to decorate for valentine collection. If you don’t have a shoe box to send in any small box will do. Also, we are collecting baby pictures of each of the students. We are going to be doing a cool bulletin board activity on the 14th where students will be guessing which picture belongs to which student. I will send home baby pictures next week.

News 1/20/17

Hello everyone! It has been nice finally getting a full week to be with the kids. Students have worked very hard this week. Please read on to see what they’ve been up to!


Reading – In reading students have continued a unit on book series this week. Many of the students have completed at least two books within the series they have selected. This week students took a deeper look into the main character of their series. Students compared similarities and differences of characters feelings within different stories. They also put themselves in the shoes of their main character and wrote a story as though they were that person. Next week will be the final week for book series within our class. However, if you feel as though you child enjoys a particular book series please encourage them to continue reading!!!


Writing – This week students began drafting their next published writing. Students have been working over December and January to understand both personal narrative and realistic fiction. Our newest published writing will have students combine the two genres. Students have come to understand some strategies to help raise the quality of their writing including adding dialogue, using our 5 senses to help with descriptive writing,  adding information to make the story more interesting. I look forward to see their published writings and sharing them with you at conferences.


Math – We are in the midst of a large unit on measurement. Most of our week was spent on telling time. Students have learned how to tell time down to the nearest minute. We have also discussed language such as minutes before or after the our, quarter after, quarter to, and half past. Toward the end of the week students began learning about elapsed time. For example, if Billy goes to school at 8am and leaves at noon, how long was he at school? We will continue working on problems like this next week as well.

1/7/17 News

Hello everyone!

Well, we are back at it. We have had a very productive week of learning. Checkout what we have been up to!!!

Reading – This week students explored books in a series. The purpose of the the new unit is to get students into a series that they love. Some students have decided to try a book series that they have not tried before. Others are planning to read a book in a series they have already fallen in love with. Throughout the unit we will be discussion characters, settings, problems, and much more. We will compare and contrast stories and character traits as well as make inferences about who characters are. This will be a fun month of reading for sure. Thanks for reading at home with your child!


Writing – This week students learned that adding adjectives can bring their writing to life. Students wrote personal narratives this week and then revised them by adding adjectives. It was very obvious how adjectives raised the quality of student writing. Students also worked to add words from our 5 senses this week. Adding what we hear, taste, touch, smell, and taste to each small moment really draws the reader into our writings!


Math – Students have been introduced to a number of different types of measurement recently. They have learned about cups, pints, quarts and gallons, milliliters and liters, grams and kilograms, mass, inches, feet, yards, and miles. Next week we will begin to dive into telling time.

Graham Cracker Houses

The Christmas season is upon us! Thanks to everyone who was able to attend or sent in a supply. It takes a lot of coordination to make this experience work. Both the students and I really appreciate all of your help!

Please remember to send in a gift with your child for the gift exchange this Wednesday. Boys buy for boys, and girls buy for girls. Please keep the gifts to $4-5. The kids are very excited!

Also, tomorrow is wear green and red day here at school. On Wednesday it is Christmas spirit day. Feel free to have your child come to school decorated in the spirit of Christmas!




Snow Day Challenge Pics/Video

WOW! What an awesome job you guys did today! Christmas is all about giving and many of you did that today! Very impressive! For those of you that maybe haven’t done so yet, or haven’t had the chance to email me a picture…no worries. As soon as I get one from you I will add it to this post! Please take a second to check out what students have sent in so far:


Aubrey passing out candy canes to workers


Aubrey thanking the mail person


Kyla helping shovel heavy snow


Kyla wrapping presents


Stasha’s card with a carefully written note


Austin reading his brother a book


Kyla making lunch


Stasha making cards for people


Tessa making cards for people

Snow Day Challenge #1

Hello everyone,

We talked as a class last week about the possibility of a snow day assignment if we had a snow day this year. So, here is your assignment for today…
Christmas is a time of giving. Take a moment to think about how you can give to others today. Who are you going to see today that you could do give something or do something nice for? Choose 1-3 people that come to mind and write their names down. Under that list of names make a list of things you could do for them. For example, write them a thank you card, clean something for them, play with them, shovel a neighbors walk way, empty the dishwasher, fold clothes, the possibilities are endless. To be honest I’d love to see you think totally outside of these ideas and come up with your own idea.
While you are giving to others take a picture or video of yourself doing the act and send it to me in an email. If you video yourself make sure it is 30 seconds or less and it should send without any issue. If you don’t have a camera or phone to record yourself take a second to draw a picture of your actions and maybe write a paragraph describing how you felt after you did it.
This assignment is all about OTHERS! You are GIVING to others in order to begin the Christmas season in the way it is meant to be. Have fun! Be creative!
All videos and pictures will be posted on our classroom blog at
Have a wonderful snow day!!!!
Mr. O

12/1 News

Hello everyone,

It has been a fantastic week of learning here at Alward. Please read below to see what we have been up to!

Reading- Students continue to participate in reading groups daily. This week we also talked about the importance of vocabulary in non-fiction literature. Students identified vocabulary words that were new to them, and then used context clues to discover their meaning. We also completed a worksheet on matching vocabulary words to their definition. While reading at home please encourage your child to define words that you think they may not know. Have them reread the sentence and then come up with a inference as to what the word may be. Spending time using a dictionary app at home may also be fun if you have a moment!

Writing- We are working on the completion of draft number two in our informational writing unit. Students are finishing typing their work and are beginning to peer edit for punctuation, grammar, and mechanics. If you would like to see where your son/daughter is in the process feel free to go to their Google Docs to check progress.

Math- We dove in to unit #2 this week. This unit covers measurement. We began by learning how to use a ruler. The very first lesson asks students to measure to the nearest 1/4 in. We have spent about 3 days learning how we can divide an inch to a fraction. Fractions are very new to students, so this may take some time to master. Please be sure to keep practicing multiplication facts at home. We are testing on fact fluency about 4 days a week. It is very apparent who is studying at home and who isn’t. Thanks for your partnership in making math practice a priority!

Coming up- This week I sent home a couple of notes regarding Christmas information. One of them covered Christmas present exchange, while the other covered graham cracker house details. If you did not see any of those papers come home please let me know and I will send home another one. Please note that we are still in need of many helpers and lots candy donation volunteers!!! If you can help please let me know!!!

11/18 News



Reading – This week in reading we continued learning about nonfiction text. Students discussed text features such as headings, subheadings, tables of contents, glossaries, maps, captions, and pictures. We talked about the purpose behind each one of these features, and soon will begin to add them to our own informational writings. Toward the end of the week students spent some time paraphrasing information from nonfiction texts. This was new to most students. While paraphrasing students looked at key words, big ideas, and themes in the writing to help them summarize what they read. We will continue to do this next week as well.


Writing – Students are busy drafting their informational writings. They have organized their thinking into categories that have become the paragraphs within their writing. We also worked on what it means to create an introduction that truly pulls the readers in. Students were introduced to using questions within their introductions as an attention getter. We will continue to work on informational writing through the middle of December. If you’d like to see the work in progress feel free to go to your child’s Google Docs.


Math – This week students took a test over chapter 2. Information in this chapter included multiplication and division fact fluency, order of operations, one and two step story problems, and area. We also practiced multiplication using paper and pencil test. It was interesting to see students scores on paper as they usually quiz on an Ipad. Most students showed a decline in progress using pencil and paper. Please continue practicing facts at home!